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Project: Brand Identity, Logo | Client: Student Project

Description: This signature was designed as part of the brand identity project of Agios, a Greek housewares and decoration store. The store sells furniture, lighting, bar tops and barware, wine and authentic Greek snacks, patio and deckware, entertainment setups, and many other accessories and decorations to give your lounging area an authentic Greek aura to it. This store is for those who like to add an ethnic, original quality and feel to their interior gathering areas and bring both ancient and modern Greek culture into their homes. Every product has Greek mythology, stories, and culture infused into it and the very heart of the company.

The Agios signature combines a mysterious and superior feel to attract bystanders. The name in Greek means “devoted to the gods, holy, or saint,” thus the signature has a divine, superior, and luring sense to it.

Agios Logo Type Process

In order to have a unique brand, you must have a unique signature. The logotype initially began with the Mason font family and by altering some of the type within the font, I formed the final signature. It is risky to use a font that is easily accessible to any designer because it might appear down the street on another storefront. This is adding an unwanted ingredient into your brand image; a touch point that you do not want your consumers to experience.

I altered the original Mason font by using only capital letters and stretching the letter I to tower over the others. This gives the impression of a sturdy pillar supporting the heavens, and establishing a connection to Earth. To add to the divine aura of the logotype, the letter is transformed into a stylized Doric column with the same proportions as the Mason font. An olive crown is placed at the top to establish the divine superiority of the brand image.

Agios Logo Crown

The Elaeagnus Olive twig was used for the development of the Agios crown. The image was reflected on itself and then traced over into a vector format. An extra leaf was added for an aesthetically pleasing balance.

The Mason letter G is used to apply a subtle curve to the tops and bottoms of the flutes inside the column. It is a very minute detail, but it is pleasing to the eye and allows the logotype to function as a cohesive whole.

Agios Logo Colors

The column can be used to represent the Agios brand as a symbol without type. It can be any color in the brands color palette.

Here are some examples of how the logo is used throughout the company’s exterior and interior designs, shipping vehicles, packaging and products.

Agios Exterior Design

Agios Interior Design

Agios Signage Design

Agios Truck Design

Agios Packaging Design



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