4 Responses to “What Fast Looks Like”

  1. Melissa Edwards says:

    Nice job and very interesting post Ryan! You are so thoughtful with your work.

  2. Heather says:

    I love the car one! It’s cool to see your sketches and your process. Awesome work Ryan!

  3. Thank you Melissa and Heather!

  4. Doug says:

    I will be sending you a sample cap next week with the “WFLL” logo on it. We are moving forward with creating artwork to go with the logo and have had some positive reviews. Today I got a phone call from a person I know who works for a company that sells over $100 million a year in cell phone accessories and his job is to move their products into car dealers and auto related business. They are looking to expand beyond cell phones now. He shared the logo and product ideas we have in the works with the owner of the company who now wants to explore becoming a distributor for the products we come up with. I know it is way too early to get excited, but the shear fact that someone sees opportuity with your design is a tribute to your skills. I will keep you posted as things develope and look for a package next week! Doug

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