The Creative Soul

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Creative Jimi Hendrix

Creativity is the result of our own soul seeping out in a form that others can sense. You might be thinking… what is he talking about? Well, let’s take a look at a musician for example. Jimi Hendrix was one of the most notorious guitarists to have lived and has influenced millions of people around the world. I saw a video clip of him at Woodstock (1969) and I noticed how radiant he was when he performed. No flashy lights or fire bursts were needed. It was just Jimi and a guitar and he made that guitar sing with such ease; almost like it was a part of his own body. It’s as if the guitar was tapped right into his own soul. But that’s exactly what the guitar was for Jimi. It was a tool that he used to express what was inside of him. The music that comes out is basically the sound of his unique soul.

Everyone has the ability to be creative. All you need to do is listen to yourself! Listen to what’s in your heart. All the creativity you need is right there inside of you. The tough part is to figure out how to express that and let it out. What tools can you use to tap into that infinite well and how can it resonate with other people. We can all hear the soul of Jimi Hendrix because he used music as his release… and recorded it. Now his soul will live on anytime it is played on the radio.

So take the example of Jimi Hendrix and apply it to yourself. If you want to be creative, just look inside.

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